How do you define a Virtual Assistant?

VAs are many things to many business owners & entrepreneurs. We asked some of our clients what they thought best summed up what a VA is to them, and created these definitions.

Which definition sits best with you?

Invaluable support for you and/or your business, from a person you trust, but may not have met face to face.

A remote and trusted asset for you and/or your business, accomplishing the projects left untouched on your “to do” list!

A trusted asset who takes away your frustrations by completing the tasks you don’t!

Someone who creates extra time for you, by taking care of tasks you can’t do, don’t do or shouldn’t do.

A dependable resource that allows you to increase your productivity by doing less!

A secret weapon for your business that helps you get ahead.

The blessing in your business who transforms your ideas into reality.

The Back Up Plan when you’re too busy to do it all!

The Business Asset who takes on the tasks you avoid!


The extra pair of hands working on your business during peak times.

The partner in your business who takes care of the tasks that make your eyes glaze over!

The accomplice in your business who gives you a clear head by taking control of your paperwork.

An edge for your business, that allows you to realise greater success.

Reinforcements when projects take your outside your area of expertise.

The difference between “should do” and ‘have done”.

Gives business owners, leaders & entrepreneurs back their valuable time!

A skilled asset who organises your chaos!

The magic fairy who fills your calendar with revenue generating appointments!

We hope you enjoy our Definitions of a Virtual Assistant. Let us know in the comments box below which definition is your favourite.

by Sam Spence – Founder & Principal Executive Assistant, Executive Virtual Associate.

These images are the creation of Executive Virtual Associate, and each image is copyrighted to Executive Virtual Associate. Feel free to share the images in full with acknowledgement of Executive Virtual Associate.

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