Creating great social media content is crucial for success online. Your content marketing needs to resonate with your target audience, encouraging them to engage and stay connected with you. You need to be true to your brand and allow your authenticity to shine through.

“The best way to promote content, is to create content so good, that you don’t need to promote it”, Dan Norris

Creating good content can be difficult, sometimes even like hard work. The results you are striving for should be the focus of your content – what message are you trying to share, what call to action are you wanting your reader to undertake? When your results are hit and miss, consider the type, time and message of your content.

The time of day can be a huge factor. If you’re not using analytics to guide your posting schedule, then you are really just hoping your content reaches your ideal clients.

By varying the types of content you publish will also see a variation in your results – humour, tips, inspiration, specials, news, and links will all provide different results. Again take notice of the analytics available to gain an understanding of the most successful posts.

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Considering that social media users may be on various platforms at different times of the day – it makes sense to recycle your content at different times of the day, and days of the week.

Many social media marketers use a calendar to record the content shared, comparing this with the analytics and a pattern can be established on recycling.

Tips when deciding to reuse social media content;

  • Repost at different times and days as originally posted.
  • Consider if this content is relevant to your ideal client.
  • Use analytics to determine optimal posting times and post performance.
  • Follow a strategy. Posting without a plan rarely achieves results.
  • Review your content before reposting to avoid posting out of date information.
  • Use different social media platforms to reach your ideal client.
  • Take care with frequency of reposting. If you are reposting too frequently you may turn followers away.

So in short, it is acceptable to recycle your content providing it fits with your marketing strategy and the re-sharing is not too frequent or repetitive.

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By Sam Spence – Founder & Principal Executive Assistant, Executive Virtual Associate.

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