With outsourcing on the rise, small business owners are looking to increase their productivity with reputable outsourcing partnerships that will add value to their business. But business owners face a real risk of outsourcing to freelancers who aren’t all they say they are. A local Bendigo business, is the first business to achieve an industry membership, giving local and nation-wide Clients confidence when selecting a business to outsource their administration needs to.

The peer review process, administered and issued by the Australian Virtual Business Network (AVBN) has been developed to ensure the highest possible level of service and commitment. The Australian Virtual Business Network (AVBN) has awarded Bendigo’s Sam Spence, from Executive Virtual Associate the first Registered Australian Virtual Business (RAVB) membership.

Rosie Shilo from the AVBN explains, “There are some really amazing Virtual Assistants here in Australia, and we want to support and recognise them. Originally AVBN was set up to showcase more experienced VAs but we also want to support newer VAs who have shown passion and dedication to their business. We are so proud to have Sam as our first RAVB member.”

“The AVBN is not an agency, but through the membership application process, we ensure our Virtual Business members provide the highest possible level or service and commitment.” says Rosie.

A Virtual Assistant is a highly-skilled, independent professional entrepreneur who provides remote administrative, technical and/or creative business support services to clients locally, nationally or globally.

Partnering with a Registered Australian Virtual Business can provide;

    • Expertise in administration areas currently lacking
    • Greater confidence in quality of work produced
    • Provide greater work – life balance for business owners
    • Cost effective administration support

Sam Spence, owner of Executive Virtual Associate has been providing remote administration support since 2010, working to support clients from Bendigo, Echuca, Melbourne and interstate.

“I believe this recent certification, will give Clients greater comfort in outsourcing their projects to a Virtual Assistant, who can show they are dedicated and operate with strong ethics.” Sam said. “And therefore increase their business productivity”.

For further information on why small business owners benefit in outsourcing, contact Sam Spence – Founder & Principal Executive Assistant, Executive Virtual Associate.

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