More than 9 months ago, I started on my own new career journey. While the nature and timing was not my own choosing, the path certainly was! While updating my personal profile on LinkedIn – I somewhat stumbled onto the Virtual Assistant Industry. What has followed since then has been a consistent journey of inspiration, learning and personal growth. Upon regular reflection, the thing that amazes me the most is the personal stories of the people I have met along the way!

Let me explain more…

To set off on the right foot with my new career adventure, I enrolled and attended a Cert I in Virtual Business Administration (yes, a course dedicated to those wanting to become a Virtual Professional exists). It was at this 2 day event, I met a few ladies that I am sure will stay firm friends for a long time to come. (You know who you are!) One of those new lasting friendships was with Jennifer. Like the other entrepreneurs in this article, Jennifer’s business has been created following her personal experiences. Through the experience of losing her dad and supporting her mum’s transition into a nursing home – Leave It With Me was born. Through her business, Jennifer supports family members who are struggling with the often overwhelming and confusing mass of paperwork.

Back in my home town of Bendigo, I attended a Ladies Lounge networking event, also attended by Michelle. Michelle is mum, wife, inventor and business owner. Following a family members terrifying experience with drink spiking, she was inspired to invent a drink spiking preventative. The stories Michelle has heard in relation to drink spiking incidents is simply frightening for any parent to hear. Imagine waking up naked and alone in a stranger house, remembering nothing about how you ended up in this circumstance! Simply terrifying! I urge you all to read more about how prevalent drink spiking is and help Slip Me Not can protect your loved ones from such a frightening and life altering experience.

Last month I attended and enjoyed a Publicity Princess workshop, presented by Kate Engler and had the opportunity to meet more inspiring business owners. Julie was one of these inspiring business owners. She is a breast cancer survivor who founded Perfect Again. Perfect Again Breastforms came from not finding the right external breast prosthesis in the marketplace following her mastectomy in 2002. Julie has created a breastform that fits her properly, is lightweight and goes unnoticed by those who are unaware of her medical & surgical history. Julie is now working with other women, post and pre mastectomy to give them a breastform that makes them feel like a whole women. How inspirational is Julie’s journey!

It is on reflection, thinking of these ladies and their journeys that I feel totally blessed to have been ‘encouraged’ into making a career change. As I mentioned earlier, my personal growth and development has been extraordinary since making the decision to launch Executive Virtual Associate. I am excited about the many new faces I will have the opportunity to meet and learn from.

I encourage you all to get out there and met new people – Network and be Inspired!

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By Sam SpenceFounder & Principal Executive Assistant, Executive Virtual Associate.

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