Following the recent ABC Series, War on Waste, the topic of less waste has become more popular. It’s frightening to think about the amounts of waste that are accumulating from mankind all over the globe.

The War on Waste program says;

“With the amount of waste increasing in Australia by nearly 8% a year, what happens if we do nothing?”

Australia is ranked 5th highest for generating the most municipal waste in the world. We have adopted a culture where single use items and replacing damaged products is the norm.

It’s time to make a change!

At Executive Virtual Associate, we have always believed in minimising our impact on the environment. A value we held ourselves accountable for in 2014 by producing our first Environmental Policy. This Pledge for Less Waste is an extension on the commitment we already hold in place.

From 7-Sept 2017, we pledge to reduce our waste, instead embracing the options to recycle and reuse any items that end up in our bin.

EVA HQ may be a home office, but we feel that by starting small and aiming towards zero waste, we will educate ourselves on waste reduction in the household environment also.

Our aim is to review the items generally labelled as waste and seek other options to recycle or reuse the rubbish.
A Pledge for Less Waste

How can you get involved?

  1. Take the pledge. We’d love to see the Pledge Badge being shared by small businesses all over.
  2. Join us our Facebook Group to learn how your business and perhaps your household could reduce waste. Learn from other members in the group and share your tips or ideas with our Pledge Less Waste Community.
  3. Show the changes you are making to reduce waste on social media. Use the #PledgeLessWaste to keep the conversations going.
  4. Follow our diary entries over the next 12 months as we document some of the waste we have encountered and how we have overcome it becoming landfill.

Don’t be deterred by being a small business. Remember, small changes can make a big difference.

by Sam Spence, Founder & Principal Executive Assistant, Executive Virtual Associate

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