Let me start this article by clearly stating I am not a business expert or coach. What I am, is a consumer and small business owner. These tips and ideas, are the information I am looking for to help support our local economy and keep my own business ticking over during difficult times.

It goes without saying, when considering all suggestions below, be mindful of your health, and the health of your staff and family. Follow the government rules, regulations and guidelines that are changing rapidly but in place for the benefit of all Australians.


This should be number one. Be proactive and let your client base know what is happening in your business!

  1. Are you open?
  2. Have your trading hours changed?
  3. What are you doing in your business to minimise the impact of the virus?
  4. How can consumers continue to buy from you?

Use email communications and social media to support your message reaching many of your clients who are staying home. Of course, you can put a sign on the door of your premise or update your website home page to ensure your reach is greater.
Something we have all learnt from political announcements – clarity in your communication is a must.


Your clients look to you for industry information. Therefore, it is important for you to let them know how government restrictions and benefits or changes to your business and the industry affect them. Help them understand the information that is being shared from industry leaders and government bodies. Be clear but be accurate. Share information only from official sources and be careful to clearly identify any jurisdiction boundaries.
Communication options can include;

  1. Social Media (including “Live” events)
  2. Newsletters
  3. Online Conferences (think Zoom)


This is the time to think outside the square. How can you deliver your product or service in a different way and maintain your cashflow? We’ve seen local restaurants and cafes shutdown, but some are offering takeaway meals or selling products online. One of the most unsettling aspects of the crisis we are living through at this time is not knowing how long it will last. Now may be the time to consider adding to your business strategy by incorporating;

  1. An online store
  2. Workshops &/or Coaching via online services (Zoom etc)
  3. Membership or subscription packages

Just remember with any membership or subscription offering, you must offer value to your customer.


Cashflow is king and during this uncertain time, it can be frightening to consider how the crisis will be impact your expected cashflow. At all levels, our government is releasing information in support of individuals as well as businesses. Learn all you can about the options that are available to you and your business.

  1. Government stimulus packages
  2. Tax changes
  3. Reduce expenses
  4. Wages & staff costs

Support Small Businesses

We are all in this together. Many are becoming cautious and changing spending habits. At every opportunity ask yourself if your next purchase can be made locally. Can you give your money to a local Mum & Dad business?
You may have seen one of the many posts on social media about supporting your friend who is in business without spending any money. Ideas include:

  1. Like their social media posts
  2. Share their social media posts
  3. Comment something nice on their posts
  4. Tag a friend who might be interested in their product or service
  5. Leave a review (genuine reviews are best)

This crisis will bring about many changes to businesses throughout our country and the world. We may see some businesses close their doors for good, and we may see others grow due to changes they have implemented.

“What is good luck? It’s opportunity meeting preparedness.”
Deepak Chopra

From my family to yours, I wish you good health and stability during this crisis.

Sam Spence, Founder and Principle Executive Assistant.

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