Reading online reviews can be extremely useful when searching for a product or service provider. Knowing details of someone else’s experience can sway your decision. A good review can lead to great business sales. A bad review can help a business identify an opportunity for change. Therefore, the key is to leave honest and useful appraisals of your experience for others to consider.

Try our tips to add value to your opinion.

Be Honest.

This point can not be stressed enough. Even if the product or service had some teething problems to begin with, it is important you remain honest. Whatever your experience – be genuine, write with specific detail, so others can make an informed decision about the provider or product.

Be Concise.

Keep your review to just a few sentences, but ensure they are descriptive and complete. Shorter reviews that clearly summarises your experience are easier for readers to understand and don’t leave the reader guessing about your message.

“The work is fast, efficient and I can always rely on it being completed within the timeframes required.” Stephen Sloane

Include Benefits.

Why did you partner with the provider or purchase the product? How has this transaction impacted you? By sharing the exact benefits and results, you have achieved with this provider, the reader can decide if the advantages also suit them.

“Working with Sam has allowed me more time for focus on my business and I have a clear head as I don’t have to worry about the piles of paperwork consuming my office.” Tara Green.

Take Ownership.

Relate your review directly to your personal experience. Often online review sites will allow for you to create a profile and a profile image. This will make your assessment more relatable. If your review is on the providers website, a photo is again valuable credibility to the words it accompanies.

Explain Your Selection.

Why did you choose this business? By adding these details to your endorsement, you add context to the analysis. If you were referred by a trusted friend or associate, share this information, it shows the provider has built a reputation of success prior to your dealings.

So, in summary, take the time to put some thought into your review. Your words may influence another potential user of your endorsed provider or product. After all a good testimonial is an independent third-party review that builds credibility to the business.

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by Sam Spence – Owner & Principal Executive Assistant, Executive Virtual Associate.

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