What is a Virtual Assistant?

A Virtual Assistant or VA, is generally defined as a small business owner who is contracted to provide professional and quality administration support to other business owners and leaders, from a different location.

Imagine a Personal or Executive Assistant, but without the days off, training or staffing overheads and working from a different location. That’s a Virtual Assistant.

A Virtual Assistant is:

What are the benefits of using a Virtual assistant?

When business owners, and entrepreneurs partner with a Virtual Assistant, their business receive support from a skilled professional at a more affordable price than an on-site team member. They wont be paying for operating costs, insurance and employee benefits such as leave and superannuation.

A VA is trained, ready to step in to support ongoing or new projects, saving money, but importantly giving clients back their valuable time!

We have a few more creative definitions of a Virtual Assistant, which have mostly been prompted by our clients.

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