We are the Virtual Assistant business giving Business Owners, Leaders & Entrepreneurs back their valuable time!

We can help you increase your business productivity.

Have you ever wondered why some entrepreneurs and business leaders are more successful than others? The secret to achieving more with less, is by focussing your time on the revenue generating aspects of your business and outsourcing the rest!

Partnering with your own secret weapon, who works on your business virtually alongside you – will help you realise your business goals.

Working remotely, our team supports your business when you need us, completing a variety of tasks to keep your business on track to achieve its goals.

In other words, we take care of the tasks you can’t do, don’t do or shouldn’t do, giving you back some of your valuable time.

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Sam Spence

Founder and Principal Executive Assistant

Before launching Executive Virtual Associate, Sam had an extensive 22 year career in the finance industry. With roles during this period varying from frontline customer service, project support, managing a team to supporting Regional Management and their teams, quality customer service has always been a priority.

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5 Tips for Working with a Virtual Assistant

January 18, 2018

A Virtual Assistant is a great addition to your team. They allow your business to get more done in less time. By definition, a Virtual Assistant works remotely to you. This means you may never have the chance to meet...

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How to Successfully Transition from a Virtual Team to a Real Life Team

November 13, 2017

We lost a client recently. For the best possible reason – they outgrew a virtual team! Their business became so successful, they needed a physical presence in the business taking over the support we had provided remotely. While we are...

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An Open Letter to My Younger Entrepreneurial Self.

October 5, 2017

Dear Sam, Congratulations on taking the leap of faith to create your own small business. Many people aspire to create a business and work for themselves. I know this is not something you have ever aspired to. Let me start...

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